Are you getting the best return on your automation efforts?


Let us help you determine which areas of your business you could be automating. Save time and money and get back to more valuable work.

We follow a risk-based approach to assess if the scope of your current automation efforts are worth the time and cost put into them. We also help organizations choose the right technologies and tools for their automation journey with ROI closely in mind.


Our risk-based approach can assess risks like data exploit potential, software defects, incorrect utilization of data, and more throughout your software lifecycle development.

We offer both quick and full automation assessments based on your need. Recommendations:

Hyperautomation: Full (4-6 week) Assessment

AutoML: Quick (1 week) Assessment

Robotic Process Automation: Quick (1 week) or Full (4-6 week) Assessment

Security Automation: Quick (1 week) or Full (4-6 week) Assessment

Automated Data Management: Full (4-6 week) Assessment

Get a Quick ROI Assessment

Data-Core - The Automation Company provides tool-agnostic pre and post implementation ROI assessments for our services. Our recommended approach takes 4-6 weeks to assess your business needs.

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